Chakra Healing and Balancing

chakra picWhat are Chakras? ( Our Energy Centers)

There are 7 major chakras in the body, along with over 100 minor ones.  The 7 main ones are wheels of spinning energy which align with the spine, starting at the base of the spine to the crown of the head.  Each of the major chakras correspond to massive nerve and endocrine systems in the body.  They govern our physical, emotional and mental health.

Depending on whether a chakra is open or closed, aligned or misaligned, under-active or overactive, each spinning disc can drastically alter one’s energetic, physical, or spiritual state of being. Achieving a balance among the chakras and working to release blockages within these energetic points allows prana (life energy) to flow through easily, for a healthy, balanced, and enlightened existence. When the chakra system is in balance, we are balanced

Chakra energy (prana) can be influenced by our experiences, activity, stress, emotions, and nutrition. Chakra imbalances can manifest in behavioral, emotional, spiritual, and physical illnesses and issues.

Like our physical organs, our chakras can get fatigued and depleted over time. If we’re exposed to too many low vibrational frequencies (traumatic events, poor stress management, lack of self-care), our chakras can even become blocked causing all sorts of symptoms, such as physical pain or feelings of depression.

What will you experience?

I use energy healing with crystals to align my clients Chakras.  Crystals affect our chakras by lifting their vibration, clearing them, and causing them to “spin” at an optimal rate.  If a client request a Chakra alignment,  They are positioned comfortably on the massage table. Relaxing music and aromatherapy is provided.  I then use a specific crystal to open the chakrsa, I place corresponding crystals over each chakra depending on the clients health, and needs.  I then do crystal energy healing over each major chakra.  The process takes about half an hour.  This can be a stand alone treatment or combined with Reiki or IET.    Most clients describe it as a extremely relaxing experience, and many experience feeling  an energy shift.

Price:  $20.00 as a stand alone treatment.

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