Intuitive Medical Energy Readings


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As I apply energy healing modalities to your energy body, I am able to scan your chakras, body systems and emotional body to locate elements that may possibly be contributing to your disorders or imbalances.

Medical issues align with our chakra system and during a session I look at each system that coordinates with the medical issues you are experiencing. We’re complex beings and medical intuition can assist in finding the threads of energy that are contributing to your physical condition while sending us messages to help us evolve.

While Medical Intuition is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, it can help pinpoint emotional and physical imbalances in your body, examine the emotional, physical, and mental aspects that contribute to them, and help you determine your best course of action towards professional and self- care.

I will disclose any imbalances I find during your energy session.  Whenever possible, I will help you navigate your own physical journey and find the access points where you can begin to make shifts and changes. Sometimes it is matter of clearing a belief system. Other times it can be as a simple shift in life style or releasing stuck emotional energies.

It is important that you follow the guidance of your health care professional. The information I provide can be used to complement any treatment you may be receiving from your physician or nurse practitioner and also help guide you through emotional releases that can positively affect your physical body.

Each client also will get a Angelic Crystal Energy Card reading if desired.  In my energy therapy sessions, I call upon the powerful celestial angelic realm to work with my client to heal  them. Angels are powerful healers and messengers and can help you with issues and decisions,  especially if you are at a crossroads in life.

Cost: $40.00

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