“I was blown away by how well I felt after my session with Rebecca.  The pain and discomfort in my back and leg was noticeably better!  I also felt emotionally and spiritually uplifted.  I recommend that you reach out to her to experience your own totally awesome energy healing and balancing session!”    Judy S

“Rebecca is a natural-born healer. Her hands are filled with a healing vibration.  The heat from her hands is incredible! I felt comforted in peace. I felt waves of pleasant  pulsations going through my body.  A session with her is a powerful experience of stress-relief and transformation.”  Robert S

“I was suffering from anxiety and panic disorder. After my first session I felt so much calmer and at peace.  I now go once a month to stay balanced and practice self care” Karen P

“I have seen Rebecca on three occasions, and I have to say each visit was more helpful than seeing a traditional source. I have insomnia, migraines, and a huge amount of family stress. Each session gave me a greater sense of clarity and peace. Everyone’s experience will be unique, and my experiences have helped me cope with some very challenging issues.  Seeing Rebecca for a session is like a mini vacation, without dealing with the baggage or the TSA! I believe she has a true gift for helping others, and I strongly recommend seeking her out for help in dealing with physical and emotional ailments.” Mike W

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